Auto opravna Auto Postek, Elbląg

Type of building –  Auto Postek car workshop with a warehouse in Elbląg.

Customer’s needs – Ensuring a suitable amount of heat to maintain the set temperature in the rooms. Customer also valued easy installation and design matching the building.

Applied units – 2 LEO FB 45 fan heaters in modulated version with energy efficient EC fans were applied in the workshop. 2 LEO FB 25 fan heaters also in modulated version with EC fans were applied in the warehouse.


Description of installation and reasons of choosing given devices - Workshop hall area is 1850 m3. The heat losses were calculated at 43.7 kW. To provide a suitable amount of hot air, two LEO FB 45 modulated units (with a total heating capacity 46.4 kW) were used, which completely cover the heat demand of the room. In the warehouse part due to lower heat losses (22,5 kW), two LEO FB 25 modulated units were used with total heating capacity of 24.6 kW. To regulate the operation of the equipment the modulated system was applied. It reduces the operating costs by up to 40% thanks to EC fans. Moreover, this solution results in a reduction of investment costs, because one VNTLCD control panel is able to control all of the installed units. Use of modulated system also makes it possible to adapt the heating capacity of units to changing demand for heat, through continuous adjustment of the heater's capacity.

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