Kellogg’s výrobní hala, Kutno

Type of building – Kellogg’s production hall in Kutno.

Applied units – 13 ELiS G1-N-150 air curtains, 12 ELiS G1-W-200 curtains, 6 ELiS G1-N-150 and 200 curtains, 14 LEO FB 45 ON/OFF fan heaters and 39 LEO FB 9 ON/OFF fan heaters. The VNTLCD control panel was recommended to control the devices.

Customer’s needs – steady and fast heating of the entire production hall. In addition, the gates openings had to be protected against heat losses. Also simple and easy controlling of such a number of units was important. The investor wanted to apply a complete system from one manufacturer.

Description of installation and reasons of choosing given devices – Kellogg's is a global American company that produces breakfast cereals, biscuits and snacks. In Kutno in the Łódź Special Economic Zone (ŁSEZ) it is expanding its production facilities.  LEO FB 45 and LEO FB in ON/OFF versions were applied to provide heating of the hall. The VNTLCD control panels were proposed (also with limited on/off function) to connect the units to the BMS - intelligent building management system. To reduce the heat losses through the gates openings, ELiS G air curtains with and without water heat exchanger were installed. The nominal heating capacity in air curtains with water heat exchanger was increased to 65 kW on customer’s demand.

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