Cube R8

Basic parameters:

Air flow: to 8000 m3/h
Fresh air
dla Ecodesign::
to 8 000 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency
dla Ecodesign::
above 73,0%
Heating capacity: 20-74 kW
Possible version: N, W, E, G
Mass: 570 kg 

   Short characteristic:

Cube R8 compact devices ensure heating and ventilation with heat recovery.  Additionally, Cube R8 is available with a roof base adaptor with an integrated swirl diffuser and actuator. Rotary exchanger, heater and Siemens climatix control system all in one casing! Unit is equipped with highly efficient heat recovery system and EC fans, therefore it already meets all requirements in accordance
with the stringent 2018 Ecoproject norms.  Cube R8 can be equipped with water exchanger with circulation pumpand three-way valve, electric heater or gas heater.  

Available versions:

Cube R 8 - W / NW
  1 2   3   4
1 Heat recovery R- rotary exchanger
2 Nominal cooling power: 8 000 m3/h
3 versions available:
N - without additional heater
W - with water exchanger
E - with electric exchanger
G - with gas exchanger
4 Roof base with roof adaptor and swirl diffuser.

Compact construction transport handles and self-supporting structure ensure easy lifting and installation, additionally 50mm mineral wool isolation minimizes heat losses and noise levels.



Various options and various mounting possibilities together with high disposal pressure guarantee a wide range of application.  The Cube devices are perfect for shopping malls, logistic centers, industrial facilities, petrol stations or supermarkets.  The use of compressor with inverter in Cube 20 makes it suitable for use in offices and facilities with many rooms.


   Control system:

As a standard, each Cube rooftop is equipped with Siemens Climatix with a room controller and a complete measurement/regulation/ as alarm system.

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Ec fans- electricity savings and steeples regulation of efficiency.

Rotary exchanger inside, no need to use an exterior module, effective heat recovery in a compact casing.

Metal base with roof Adaptor and swirl diffuser enables direct mounting on the roof without the need of ducts.

Transport handles-enables fast installation and easy lifting without spacing beams.

Casing- 50 mm mineral wool isolation ensures silent operation and minimum heat loss.

Duct connections

1st way
The ducts are connected from below.
This applies Cube R8 units.

Krok 1 - Przygotowanie podkonstrukcji

2nd way
Mounting of the unit next to a building. Possibility of duct connection as described in point 1.

Krok 2 - Posadowienie podstawy z nawiewnikiem oraz urządzenia


Ductless Mounting.

Montaż Cube R8

Textile duct mounting.

Montaż Cube R8

Ductless connection on a base and roof adaptor and swirl diffuser. This applies Cube R8 unit.

Textile ducts dedicated to rooftop applications.  Selected individually to the requirements of the building. 

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