Basic parameters:

Max. Range: 2,5 m
Heating capacity: 10,1 - 29,0 kW
Max. air flow: 2100 - 3700 m3/h
Weight: 25,3 - 41,1 kg
Colour: silver or white
Casing: Sheet steel + plastic

Basic files

Product index:
14000; 14270; 14243; 14014; 14272

   Short characteristic:

ELiS DUO is a curtain-heater unit, which combines two functions. It is 2-in-1 unit, which provides air barrier in the door opening while heating the room simultaneously.

The main task is to protect door opening. Additionally, the auxiliary air stream enables heating of the room.
High efficiency of heat exchange is possible due to a large surface of aluminium fins mounted on copper tubes.

Adjustable air blades make it possible to direct the warm air stream into the room. Regulated angle of the air barrier outlet make possible to adjust the airflow to the door opening.

Fans made of light and durable plastic ensure silent operation and lower weight of the unit.

Advanced control system enables the connection of the unit to BMS an intelligent building management system.

Two versions of the unit are available: with water heat exchanger and with electric heaters.






Modern design of the unit makes it especially suitable for buildings with high aesthetic values.
Wherever there is a need of heating the room while providing air barrier in the door opening, e.g. small grocery stores, gas stations etc.


   Control system:

Basic operation of the air curtains is ensured by built-in connection terminal. Advanced external DRV control system enables communication with BMS and integration to SYSTEMU FLOWAIR.



Functionality – 2-in-1 unit. Ensures air barrier in the door opening while heating the room simultaneously.

Design - modern design of the unit was developed in cooperation with an experienced team of industrial designers.

Construction - the use of aluminium for the construction of the body of the unit and the  fans made of plastic allowed for a significant reduction of weight and noise level of the unit. Adjustable air outlets make it possible to set the suitable angle of both air streams.


Technical data ELiS DUO

  DUO-W-100 DUO-W-200 DUO-E-100
Power supply [V/Hz] 230 / 50 230 / 50 3 x 400 / 50
Power consumption [kW] 0,25 0,43 10,1
Current consumption [A] 1,1 1,85 14,7
IP 21 21 21
Insulation class F F F
Connection ["] ½” ½” ½”
Acoustic pressure level  [dB(A)]* 58 60 58
Sound power level [dB]** 73 75 73
Increase of air temperature [oC] 30 23 20
Max. operating pressure [MPa] 1,6 1,6 1,6
Weight of unit [kg] 23,9 41,1 28,5
Weight of unit filled with water [kg] 25,3 42,8 -
Weight of unit filled with water [kg] 2,5 2,5 2,5

* acoustic pressure level measured in the room with average sound absorption, capacity 500 m3, at a distance of 5 m from the unit.
** according to  ISO 27327-2
*** according to  ISO 27327-1


To calculate the heating power of devices, use the calculator software below:

The ELiS DUO curtain-heater can be installed using installation console or pins. Installation console enables the installation of the unit in two configurations.

Installation tips:

For efficient operation of the unit the air barrier has to be ensured in entire door opening space. In order to protect the wider door openings, the ELiS DUO curtain-heaters can be combined together.

Incorrect installation may result in heat loss during the winter and chill loss in the air-conditioned rooms during the summer.

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