Our task was to  synergize and integrate our products into a highly functional, System  FLOWAIR. The T-BOX - touch screen controller integrates all SYSTEM functions, thus we get an easy and intuitive access to the advanced functionalities of System FLOWAIR. 

T-BOX is a modern  and  ergonomic interface with clear icons of individual functions. 
We can manage the basic functions as well as very advanced options of the System. As a result, we have created a new value for products that now are  compatible and are able to cleverly interact with each other.




Get to know SYSTEM Flowair

The SYSTEM FLOWAIR is an intelligent
system for managing the operation of heating
and ventilation devices. Its application - even
to already existing heating/ventilating installations
- allows to increase their functionality, efficiency
and thus offering energy savings
All this is possible thanks to our proprietary,
innovative operation algorithms.


The SYSTEM FLOWAIR consists of DRV
control modules, various sensors that act
as measuring elements (e.g. temperature,
humidity) and the brain of all operations
– our T-Box - intelligent touch screen

Step 1 activating destratificators to break down the heat

Step 2 starting the heaters in order to raise the temperature in the hall to the set value and ensure thermal comfort.

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Test the SYSTEM

Integration of all devices from the FLOWAIR
offer into one SYSTEM gives the possibility
of easy management of their operating parameters
and ensures their compatibility. Now heating and
ventilation of the object becomes even more
effective. Thanks to the  Tbox we can control  
all devices  from one location.

Obniż temperature Podnieś temperature
- Intelligent controller
with a touch screen
Check what happens
when you increase
the set temperature!

compatibility and synergy

The T-box controller ensures compatibility and integration of devices from various product groups (ventilation, cooling, heating, which may be powered by water, gas or electricity).

The T-box controller does not limit the user, on the contratry it offers the user  to personalize the SYSTEM functions to his/her needs by expanding or simplifying many functions.

The FLOWAIR SYSTEM offers a new dimension of device control and communication between them. Exchange of information about their specific operating parameters, current status or malfunctions allows for more efficient maintenance of the assumed heating and ventilating parameters, higher thermal comfort in the facility and energy savings.

Get to know the functions of SYSTEM Flowair
Intelligent heating
Intelligent heating using accumulated excess heat in the building (e.g. in the upper layers of the room or heat gains from the technological processes)
Effective System
Effective systems limiting heat loss in the building (e.g. by dynamic door protection with air curtains or recovery of thermal energy from the air removed from the room)
Air quality
Maintaining a proper air quality in the room tailored to the needs of the building and the user (e.g. temperature, CO2, humidity control)
Monitoring of temperature
Constant temperature monitoring of the facility, preventing excessive temperature drops (e.g. anti-freeze- protection against freezing of devices or damage to sensitive goods in the building).
Intelligent controller
with a touch screen

Air curtains




with heat recovery



The intelligent building system is the future of the HVAC industry. The FLOWAIR solution is part of this trend by offering intelligent control that allows you to reduce operating costs and save electricity.

Did you know...

that by applying the SYSTEM FLOWAIR  you can save up to 40%* energy and thus reduce operating costs?


By combining a traditional product such as heaters, air curtains, etc. with new control and communication technologies, we get the FLOWAIR SYSTEM - an innovative offer tailored to the individual needs of the customer. But above all, the SYSTEM - thanks to its complexity - helps in making safe investment decisions.

* calculations for a facility using automatic destratification, OXeN ductless ventilation and gate security.
Advantages for the user

ease of use thanks to the
controller with an intuitive  
touch screen interface

Easy connection

the controller automatically detects and recognizes connected devices and presents the service menu only for these devices.

Regulated by one controller

1 Tbox  for control of even 31 units

Tailored to your needs

possibility of future  expansion of the SYSTEM according to individual needs and current financial possibilities

Automated system

automation of device operation - automatic start and stop depending on the conditions prevailing at the facility, time of day, etc.

Energy savings

proprietary, advanced operation algorithms increasing the energy efficiency of the heating and ventilation system


Menu secured with a password


Compatible with BMS systems

Remote monitoring

Possibility to monitor operation of devices via web browser

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