Basic parameters:

Air flow: 2500-7200 m3/h
Mass: 8,9-19,5 kg
Cassing: expanded polypropylene EPP
Color: grey



Basic files

Product index:
52070; 52071; 52072; 52074; 52076; 52077; 52080; 52081; 52082

   Short characteristic:

LEO D (destratificator) prevents accumulation of the warm air in the upper zones of the room. Fan sucks the warm air and forces its flow into the zone occupied by the people. This solution reduces heat losses through the ceiling and results in faster heating of the building.

Mechanical strength, resistance to dirt, low weight and aesthetic outlook. Thanks to casing made of expanded polypropylene, LEO D destratificators appoint a new quality of use..

Air outlet is equipped with 4 sections of adjustable air blades. Each blade can be smoothly adjusted manually, what ensures any direction of the warm air.

Fan is placed in specially designed air nozzle, which reduces air flow resistance and results in silent fan operation.

Device available in three versions: LEO D without control systems, LEO D BMS with T-BOX intelligent controller and LEO DT with additional thermostat which switches on the device when the temperature rises above the set temperature.




LEO D should be installed in high buildings for improvement of their heating efficiency as a result of directing the warm air into the zone occupied by the people. 

   Control system:

Two control options are available: 
- T-box regulation – intelligent control system matched to individual needs,
- ON/OFF regulation – basic functionality and easy to use




Casing – light and durable casing made of EPP (expanded polypropylene).

Construction – 4 sections of adjustable air blades enable any direction of the air stream.
3-step fan  – change of step ensures matching the air flow to the season and variable temperature difference.

Technical data LEO D

Air flow at 20oC [m3/h] 2500 2200 1900 5200 4200 2800 7200 6100 3900
Max. power consumption [W] 110 80 70 280 200 120 450 350 260
Max. current consumption [A] 0,5 0,4 0,3 1,3 1,0 0,6 2,0 1,5 1,3
Power supply [V/Hz] 230/50
Max. acoustic pressure level [dB(A)]* 56,9 55,2 49,4 65,7 58,4 44,9 72,8 66,9 53,7
Sound power level [dB(A)] 72,0 70,3 64,9 80,8 73,5 60,4 87,9 82,0 69,2
IP / Insulation class IP 54/F
Type of casing EPP - expanded polypropylene
Color grey**
Usage Inside buildings
Maks.operating temperature [oC] 60
Weight of unit [kg] 8,9 13,9 19,7

*Acoustic pressure level at a distance of 5 m from the unit, in the room of medium capabillity of sound absorption and 1500 m3 of cubic measure.
** Color close to RAL 9007

Main dimensions LEO D S


Main dimensions LEO D L

Main dimensions LEO D XL

LEO D is equipped with brackets in the corners, which make it easy to suspend the unit from the ceiling and levelling the unit.
In case of mounting to ceilings that carry vibrations please use anti-vibration isolators.



Hmax -maximum height of mounting with vertical positioning of air blades 

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Capricorn Hall, Swiebodzice

Localization: Poland

Car repair shop, Strzelce Krajeńskie, Poland

Localization: Lubusz, Poland

GIWK, Gdańsk, Poland

Localization: Pomeranian, Poland

Huras, Nowa Wieś Legnicka, Poland

Localization: Lowe Silesian, Poland

MZK, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

Localization: Lubusz, Poland

Thread factory Ariadna, Łódź, Poland

Localization: Łódź, Poland

Kabat Tyre, Budzyń, Poland

Localization: Greater Poland, Poland

Sopur, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Localization: Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Poland

MBC Trans Hall, Gołąbki, Poland

Localization: Lublin, Poland

Jota, Janikowo, Poland

Localization: Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Poland

Porta KMI, Nidzica, Poland

Localization: Warmian-Masurian, Poland

Europa Systems, Pyrzyce, Poland

Localization: West Pomeranian, Poland

Claas, Buk, Poland

Localization: Greater Poland, Poland

To i Owo, Jelenia Góra, Poland

Localization: Lowe Silesian, Poland

SISA Hall, Konstantynów Łódzki, Poland

Localization: Łódź, Poland

BRANDBAX BPL Hall, Skawina, Poland

Localization: Lesser Poland, Poland

Edwood, Biała Podlaska, Poland

Localization: Lublin, Poland

Deltamed, Romania

Localization: Romania

Nowodvorski, Częstochowa, Poland

Localization: Silesian, Poland

Bricomarche, Środa Wielkopolska, Poland

Localization: Greater Poland, Poland

Mrówka, Nakło nad Notecią, Poland

Localization: Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Poland

Castorama, Elbląg, Poland

Localization: Pomeranian, Poland

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