Do you need help
realizing the order?

We will choose the right transport
and make sure that everything arrives on time!

Logistics support:

  • We will set the delivery date for you.
  • We will check the order status.
  • We will check the availability of goods  specify approximate delivery times for inquiries.
  • We will determine the best way to fulfill your order - partial shipment, to which addresses / change of the delivery address, delivery date.
  • We will help in contact with carriers, check the packing slips and shipment statuses.
  • We will help in "identifying" the delivery, which goods have arrived, how are they packed, by what courier, when and who picked up the goods.
  • We will explain various types of inquiries regarding sales invoices issued by the department. We will issue corrections in the event of errors.
  • We will explain non-conformities in delivery.
  • We will price dedicated transports.

Introduction of collective labels on pallets and carton boxes, which informs you what is exactly on a given pallet / in a given carton box. This is to help customers find specific goods when delivered on several pallets. It makes identification of the goods received easier.

We have introduced labels that are attached to each domestic shipment. One label applies either to one pallet on which various goods are packed, or cardboard box if the shipment is a parcel and not a pallet.


Bulk packaging
As standard for packing a larger number of all accessories that do not have their original packaging and automation, we will re-use carton boxes that are left from the supply of fans. For easier identification of carton boxes, they will be covered with a special tape marked as: ACCESSORIES. Following the "0 waste" idea information will be given that in the case of these collective carton boxes we reuse packaging and fillers (in short – we minimize waste)
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