HEAT4U project

It aims to create a central heating solution, that will substantially contribute to the use of renewable energy sources and rationalize energy consumption. The European Union supports a consortium of 14 companies (including FLOWAIR) participating in the HEAT4U project.  

The goal is the development of technology of gas absorption heat pumps so that they become the ultimate solution for existing, low cubature residential buildings which at present produce the most pollution.

Innovation and technology are the two main pillars of the HEAT4U project, one of the most important international research projects in the field of energy, climate changes and energy efficiency of buildings, which effectively fit in the 7th Framework Programme (7FP), promoted by the Community.

The entire project has a budget of 10 million Euro. It is the highest funding received, twice exceeding the amount allocated to other projects.


- design of gas absorption heat pump used for single-family home,
h4u- compatibility of the unit with the existing heating system and the European Union guidelines: total primary energy consumption at 49% and greenhouse gas emissions of 36%. This will improve the efficiency of heating the buildings,

- increasing the energy class of the buildings,

- increasing the energy efficiency of buildings which will save the equivalent of 0.8 tons of oil and a reduce CO2 emission by 2.1 tons,

- maintain a high level of energy efficiency in the conditions of very low outside temperatures which will make it possible to produce hot running water. More than 6.000 gas absorption heat pumps installed in Europe will save an equivalent of 9.600 tons of oil  each year and prevent the emission of 25.000 tons of CO2,

- project compliance with the European directives and energy objectives for the year 2020 i.e. typical power range of single-family residential houses between 10 and 20 kW and estimated global energy efficiency at the 150-170% level of primary energy.

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