Sports hall in Czyżyny

Type of building – sports hall in Czyżyny (second building of this type in Europe, after the O2 Arena in London).

Applied units – 58 ELiS T2 air curtains  with electric heaters with lengths of 1.5 and 2 m and 4 industrial air curtains ELiS G1 with length of 2 m were installed in the object. All units were equipped with the AF control system. The VNTLCD was used to create an intelligent control system as the main control panel.

Customer’s needs – the main need was to create an air barrier in the door opening planes in order to limit heat losses. The customer also wanted to monitor the operation of the units depending on the conditions around the building.

Description of the installation and the reasons of choosing given devices - multifunctional sports hall, which was established in Krakow in the Czyżyny area is an object, which will be the venue of many sports and cultural events. In order to limit heat losses caused by a number of door openings, the ELiS T and G series air curtains were applied. Curtains were equipped with overload protection and sensors that protects against overheating. The units were ordered in AF versions to allow for controlling them via intelligent building management system BMS. This system makes it possible  to save and load the main operation parameters of the units. A unit turns on when the doors are open, i.e. after transmition of the signal from DCm door switch to the control system. The VNTLCD control panels were also  applied, which communicate with the BMS system and measure the internal and external temperature and send their values to the control system. Depending on the values of the temperature, the VNTLCD turns on the electric heaters in the operating air curtains. Moreover, change of the speed of air flow can be forced by the TS regulators installed on every single unit or via BMS.

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