FLOWAIR LEO fan heaters

New series of

LEO fan heaters

For us a fan heater is not enough! That’s why we have created a new series of LEO fan heaters with greater functionality and better parameters confirmed by an international, accredited research lab.

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One device, many possibilities

Device available in three sizes
and three versions of casing


Casing made of expanded polypropylene.


Powder painted casing.
Special request.


Stainless steel casing.
Special request.

Range of heating power

Choose one of eight

Quality label

Quality label

Jakość produktu

Technical parameters are confirmed by accredited testing laboratory.

FLOWAIR is first to introduce new industry standard – quality labels dedicated to new series of LEO fan heaters.

We care about quality! That’s why we cooperate with an independent, international and accredited testing lab. The results confirm technical parameters of our devices.

The info on the label presents true parameters of the device. It’s heating power, range and noise level. These parameters are measured in real life, boundary conditions that are present in most of facilities.

The research lab is a renowned company, assuring the highest standards.
The results are observed by all producers all over the world.

The tests were carried out in accordance with international regulations and norms. Based on these lab reports FLOWAIR has introduced quality labels.

The label on FLOWAIR devices is a guarantee for all parties involved in the investment process. True technical parameters of devices eliminate the risk connected with the investment. The client is sure that the devices were independently tested and the technical parameters have been confirmed.



Intelligent solution

LEO BMS fan heater is equipped with energy efficient 3 speed fans, controlled by the DRV module. The DRV module manages the operation of devices according to control signals from T-Box or directly from BMS.

LEO BMSFan heaterWall mountedtemperature sensor PT-1000MODULE DRVPowers and controlsfan heater and the valveT-Boxintelligent touchscreen controllerMini BMS at your finger tips!controls up to 31 units

Benefits of this solution

  • The fan heater operates at the lowest possible speed
  • More even and energy efficient heating
  • Heaters operate only when required
  • Energy savings and decreased noise level