Get to know new Slim air curtain

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  1. Plug and Play air curtain with motion sensor

    The Slim air curtain is a Plug & Play device. Built-in switches on the side of the device are for adjustment of the air barrier to individual needs. The built-in motion sensor activates the air curtain when motion is detected in the vicinity of the device. No additional automation is needed.

  2. Tailored to your needs

    Slim is a perfect fit for 99% of door openings. The Slim curtain will work everywhere, where doors are often opened, shops, restaurants, commercial buildings.

  3. Discreetness in action

    The Slim air curtain does not upset the character of the interior and it’s a perfect fit above your door. Thanks to 2 colors as standard - deep black and white with black elements - Slim complements the interior architecture, while ensuring maximum space savings.

  4. Air quality improvement

    The task of air curtains is to prevent the uncontrolled leakage of warm or cool air from the room. Additionally, after installing an easily replaceable external filter, the curtain improves the air quality in the building.

Perfect fit for clients

The Slim curtain will be a perfect fit for spaces where the doors are often opened and closed, for example in shops, restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Invisible mounting system

The device comes with an invisible mounting system that allows both vertical and horizontal installation with the same set of brackets. It is also possible to mount the curtain with threaded rods.

  1. Horizontal mounting

    The Slim curtain is for horizontal installation above the door opening, not limiting the space inside the room and ensuring maximum space saving. The curtains mounted horizontally form an almost invisible line with the door leaf.

  2. Vertical mounting

    The Slim curtain can operate vertically if the space above the door is less than 25 cm.

  3. Connecting several air curtains with each other

    If the door is wider than the dimension of a single curtain, connect the devices with each other until the entire entrance door opening is protected. No protruding side details mean that devices can be joined in tandem ensuring an effective air barrier over the whole door opening, regardless of the width.

Low noise level

Reduction of air curtain’s noise level was very important assumption when we designed the Slim air curtain. It is almost silent, causing no discomfort to people in its vicinity.

  • 20 dB(A)


  • 33,5 dB(A)

    Slim air curtain

  • 65 dB(A)

    hair dryer

2 colors w as standard

Following the principle of minimalist design, we chose a simple, economical and functional color scheme. However, the curtain can also be ordered in any RAL color.

Deep black

The black curtain is an inseparable element of the contemporary industrial style. It fits discreetly  into the character of the interior, while performing both practical and decorative functions.

White with black elements

A classic, timeless combination of white and black. It complements the interior architecture and does not upset its character.

Air quality improvement

The curtain can be equipped with an easily replaceable outside filter.

The filter improves indoor air quality and the device itself is protected against the ingress of dirt and other polutants. The filter is mounted on the upper surface of the device by means of integrated handles. It is easy to mount and exchange.



Filter type: Coarse 30%

Thickness: 4 mm

Slim air curtain are available in  3 lengths, 3 versions and 2 types possibilities of montage

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