Průmyslový design

Industrial design enables us to rethink the needs that stand behind the product, its design, materials, methods of use. This in turn allows us to create and implement innovative solutions. FLOWAIR is not only focused on the aesthetics of manufactured products, but primarily on the benefits that they have to offer: their ergonomics, functionality of solutions and also the technology that will be tailored to the needs of the users.

Our cooperation with industrial designers has resulted in the first heater made of plastic and the first curtain-heater unit combining two functions (curtain and heater) in the exciting, elliptical casing. Last year we introduced OXeN heat recovery unit that has revolutionized the market of ventilation. This product combines innovative technology with an interesting design. It is a compact, independent, ductless unit with the unique the casing made of lightweight EPP material which is highly durable and has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

We invite you to watch the movies about our experience with industrial design:

- Cooperation with industrial designers 
- What is an EPP?





Our work has been awarded in many prestigious international competitions in the field of design. The jury consisted of respected experts. Their expectation from submitted projects was the highest level of quality, innovation and creativity. The Reddot, iF Product Design Award or Good Design organized by the Polish Institute of Industrial Design, awards products with excellent functionality, ergonomics and a great attention to aesthetics.

FLOWAIR also participates in many projects promoting industrial design:

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