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Rekuperační jednotka OXeN – bezkanálová rekuperační jednotka s vysokou účinností – získala prestižní ocenění “Reddot design” v kategorii produktový design.

OXeN heat recovery unit – an energy-efficient ductless mechanical ventilation system - received the famous reddot design award in the category "product design".

The iF design award and the reddot design award are two of the most prestigious international design awards. The jury consists of respected, world experts, who expect the highest level of quality, innovation and creativity from submitted projects. 
Factors that influenced the decision of the jury in both competitions are functionality, ergonomics and attention to aesthetics of OXeN unit, which responds to current trends in interior design. FLOWAIR used  EPP - expanded polypropylene for the production of OXeN’s housing - EPP properties enabled us to create a durable, light unit with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.


The most prestigious design competitions:

Reddot award design which dates back to 1955 is the main prize in the world's largest industrial design competition. International jury evaluates each submission in nine categories: innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, durability, emotional effect, available product accessories, ease of use and impact on the environment.
In 2014 team of reddot design award judges consisted of 40 independent designers and university teachers.


iF Design Award is awarded in Germany since 1953 and has a reputation as one of the most prestigious awards in the field of design and industrial design. It is a symbol of the highest product quality, therefore clients often decide to buy products based on the awardes. Products accepted in the competition are evaluated both in terms of innovative design, used technologies, as well as user-friendliness, quality and price. iF Design Award proves that the company pays great attention to innovation and is ready to face the competition.


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